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What is this Mega Package Deal?
Mega Pack includes all certification tests available on our website. It also includes free audio exams and free study guides with membership for Lifetime. It means you can access any certification file any time you want and will never have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on buying individual guides. This is an absolutely amazing deal that you should take advantage of today. This offer is for a limited time. Price of this package is $99 only.

What products do you offer?
Test King offers all certification exams Questions and Answers, ,audio exams (free) and study guides (free) at the lowest price of $99 only. This means that you will get the best possible access for all certification exams and you will be amazed at the practical knowledge you will get about your certification exam. Pass the official test on your first try, guaranteed.

Do your tests have all that I need to pass the official test?
Yes. We constantly compare the official tests to ensure our tests are as real as you will see them in the testing center; no surprises! This is why we guarantee. The best trainers and professionals in the world under the watch eye of TestKing world prepare absolutely correct answers and explains concepts where needed. TestKing world tests are the only preparation you need to pass the official test on your first try.

Q: Does MegaPack mean for one exam or all exams?
Testking Mega Pack buys access of Over 2500 Testking products which include all the exam files for perfect realistic training. It is as simple as 1 2 3. Just buy the membership, you will receive your username/password in couple of minutes, login to website and download each and every exam you want to pass..... isn't simple.

Q: Can I see any sample downloads before I buy the Lifetime access package?
Sure. Get samples here!

How are your tests different from your competitors?
There are many unique advantages of testkingworld.org. Our tests are not glorified braindumps like our competitors try to sell you, which often have incorrect answers or questions that you will not even see on the official test. You can be confident that when you buy from testkingworld.org , you are buying from the industry's #1 source of certification at lowest price. TestKingworld knows how to get you certified in any certification you choose from among the most popular vendors.

What does each file include?
Exam file include an executable flash book Questions/Answers that can be viewed most conveniently by zooming, flipping like books, scrolling, searching etc. Each question accompanied with possible answers, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Exhibit pictures etc. like you see in real exam center. Correct answers are marked to be prepared by you for real test.

Which formats of tests do you offer?
EXE which are downloaded as zip files.Questions and Answers are in Flashbook format to easily zoom, flip, search and read the contents. Test King world may provide other methods in future if there is a bigger demand. Customer can contact our support if any other format is needed.

Free testkingworld.org Audio Exams?
All registered customers of testkingworld.org are eligible for 100% special discount at testkingworld.org audio exams. We offer Top Audio Exams to our registered customers of testkingworld.org for absolutely Free.

How will I receive updates ?
Just login to your member area and download the exams as you download usullay. All the exams in your download area are updated by changing the contents, replacing or updating the file if necessary.

How secure is ordering?
All orders are handled by a trusted 3rd-party credit card processor which uses the strongest level of SSL encryption possible. We ensure the confidentiality and security of our customers information in anyway we need to. Testkingworld saves your email address and password to authenticate member login. All rest of information e.g. information provided by customer while purchase are used only by our payment processor bank to process the payment. Nothing more, nothing less.

What is the ordering procedure?
1. Click the Order Now Link.
2. Register and Proceed to Checkout
3. Fill in your payment information on secure payment page.
4. Wait for the transaction to complete (usually takes 2-3 min).
5. Within an hour you will receive login information (user/pass). You will then use your username and password to get to the page where all files download links are available. Download any exam you want from there. The process is very easy, taking only 2-3 minutes.


Click HERE to go to payment page directly.

Q: Will you charge AMF automatically every year?
No. It is manual process, not automated. Our payment system does not charge anything automatically. You will receive a notice of due Annual Maintenance Fee ($59 annually) after one year of download service. You will proceed AMF payment by yourself. You can pause or delay the payment if you does not need the exam download account at that time. You can activate your account again any time in the future when you feel free.

I do not have a credit card, how can I purchase tests from testkingworld.org?
There are other methods of payment supported by our payment processor like Wire Transfer, Check or paypal etc., To see complete list of payment options, please visit our payment page here

Do you share or release my information with anyone?
Absolutely not. Privacy security is our top priority. WE DO NOT SHARE EVEN SINGLE BIT OF OUR CUSTOMER'S INFORMATION WITH ANY THIRD PARTY. Testkingworld saves your email address and password to authenticate member login. All rest of information e.g. information provided by customer while purchase, used only by our payment processor bank to process the payment. Nothing more, nothing less.

I've forgot my Password . What do I do?

Click here to have your password emailed to you

I have another question not answered here, how can I get an answer to it?
To contact Support click here


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